Sniper Ghillie Suit Kit #6

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Sniper Ghillie Suit Kit #6


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The Tactical Concealment Individual Camouflage Concealment Deception (I.C.C.D.) Kit #6 is a "Multi-Environment" camouflage, and concealment kit that is suited for wooded, or desert environments. Most of the fabric materials in the kit are coloured "Camelbrown", a propriety colour used by Tactical Concealment for all of its sniper based apparel.  Should your requirement call for green coloured materials, simply use the included items to easily achieve your desired colour.


The ICCD Kit # 6 comprehensive package contains everything you need to construct an operationally capable military sniper ghilliesuit (minus the base clothing). The items included in the kit are provided in raw form so you have full control over how you design your ghillie suit base foundation. The I.C.C.D. Kit is popular for those who need to construct a school-ghillie and provides the individual with all of the necessary construction materials to build, and adjust the ghillie, and equipment camouflage as skills develop, or new training areas are visited.


(The base clothing to construct ghillie suits is not included in this kit).


A detailed contents list is located under the "SPECS" tab.


Huntsman Firearms maintains a stock of this item, variations can be ordered as required. If variations or modifications are required please call the shop to discuss your requirement.


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- Qty. 2   E6000 Industrial Adhesive Cartridge, 10.2 oz. ea.

- Qty. 1   Trigger Squeeze Caulking gun (for adhesive cartridge)

- Qty. 2   Shoe Goo Tubes, 3.7 oz. ea.

- Qty. 5   1-Ply Shredded Jute Strand Bundles (natural colour)

- Qty. 1   MOSS Jute Hair Bundle

- Qty. 50  Foliage Bands, (natural colour)

- Qty. 1   Nylon Netting, 1.75" Hole Size, Dim: 6'x4' square (Camelbrown colour)

- Qty. 1   RhinoSkin Heavy Duty Duck Canvas, 60"x36" (Camelbrown colour)

- Qty. 1   Foam Padding, 16"x40"

- Qty. 1   Flame Retardant, 8 oz. Spray Pump Bottle

- Qty. 1   Tactical Mesh LD, 60"x36" (Camelbrown colour)

- Qty. 1   Elastic Shock Cord, 1/8" Dia. x 15', (Camelbrown colour)

- Qty. 1   Nylon 550 Cord, 1/4" Dia. x 15' (Camelbrown colour)

- Qty. 8   Industrial Colour Dyes, (Green 1, 3, 5, 7, Brown 2, 3, Yellow 1, Red 1)

- Qty. 1   Spyder Mesh H&S (Camelbrown colour)

- Qty. 1   Spyder Mesh H&S (Olive Drab Green)

- Qty. 1   UV Latex Paint, 1 oz bottle, (Camelbrown colour)

- Qty. 1   Acid Brush

- Qty. 1  Cutting Shears

- Qty. 1  Text/Photographic Construction Guide

- Qty. 1   Nylon Sewing Thread Spool, 350 yards, 69wt nylon (Camelbrown colour)

- Qty. 2   Darner Hand Sewing Needles

- Qty. 1   Duck Canvas Storage/Transportation Bag, 18"x24", (Camelbrown colour)

- Qty. 1   Nylon Webbing, 9' long x 1" wide (Camelbrown colour)

- Qty. 1   Elastic Webbing, 9' long x 1" wide (Camelbrown colour)

- Qty. 2   1-inch Plastic Buckles (Camelbrown colour)

- Qty. 2   Cord Locks (Camelbrown colour)

- Qty. 2   1-inch Ladder Locks (Camelbrown colour)

- Qty. 2   1-inch Tension Locks (Camelbrown colour)

- Qty. 10  Zip Ties

- Qty. 1   Ink Marker