Rifles Only Precision Rifle Vol 1, Fundamentals
Rifles Only Precision Rifle Vol 1, Fundamentals


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Rifles Only - Train Smart
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Rifles Only Precision Rifle Volume 1- Fundamentals is the first of two volumes that make up the educational video series produced by the premier training facility, Rifles Only based in Kingsville, Texas and featuring the lead instructor Jacob Bynum.


Rifles Only Precision Rifle Volume 1- Fundamentals focuses on the essential fundamentals of employing a precision rifle accurately and consistantly.  Jacob explains in detail each of the core fundamentals and their influence on your consistancy and accuracy, as well as demonstrating how to identify and rectify deficencies.  

Subjects of focus include:

  • Body alignment and position behind the rifle,
  • Grip and recoil management,
  • Sight picture and how a riflescope works,
  • Hand position and trigger manipulation,
  • Breathing and Natural Point of Aim,


If you are just embarking on the journey to learn precision long range marksmanship, then Rifles Only Precision Rifle Volume 1- Fundamentals will help you better understand the fundamentals through an easy to understand step by step process.  Even if you are a  If you are a long time veteran shooter, this DVD will serve as a great refresher to ensure that you utilisng correct basic elements in your skill set in order to maxmise your full potential.


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