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Huntsman Firearms is proud to be the exclusive Australian Agent and a stocking dealer of Tactical Concealment products.

Tactical Concealment has outfitted the world's elite warriors with high quality sniper apparel and tactical gear since 1999. The Arizona, USA based Company take’s pride in the design and production process, the end product, and the elite warriors that they outfit. Each product is handled individually throughout the production process to ensure the end user can be confident that Tactical Concealment products will not fail them during a time when the stakes are high.

In recent years Tactical Concealment has become the go-to manufacturer for the world’s elite sniper, and marksmen units, as well as other specialist units where concealment is essential to mission success. The innovative designs, and customer-focused development guarantees the Tactical Concealment products are the best possible fit to the end user’s needs. When investing in a Tactical Concealment garment you are taking a giant step toward remaining below the detection threshold.

Huntsman Firearms holds a large inventory of Tactical Concealment products, and can facilitate special “non-inventory” orders, in addition to individual or bulk orders, and custom product design, or manufacture requests. Members of the Huntsman team are experienced ex-military snipers and are available to assist with development, or "customer problem solving" style projects for Tactical Concealment to build.

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