TAB Gear

Huntsman Firearms is proud to be an authorised TAB Gear dealer and the exclusive agent for Miltary and Law Enforcement sales in Australia. TAB Gear has a reputation for producing high quality and innovative gear at an affordable price for the civilian, law enforcement, and military shooting market. Almost all of the raw materials TAB Gear uses are sourced from within the United States and manufactured by the family run business.

All TAB Gear products are backed by a lifetime guarantee, the customer determines the life of a product. However, what good is a lifetime guarantee to the civilian who has spent several thousand dollars to get to a match, or a cop who is on a callout, or a soldier who is thousands of feet up a mountain far from home, when his gear fails? It’s not worth a darn!

When building each of the products the company is acutely aware that it may be someone who is defending their country and way of life who has made the decision to carry TAB gear products, and it can't be the TAB Gear that let's them down.

TAB Gear prides themselves in coming up with unique creative products that are solutions to problems that shooters experience in the field. The company undetakes extensive testing and evaluation procedures when developing new products by having shooters from many disciplines use the products in actual field conditions. TAB Gear is very fortunate to have many contacts in the civilian, law enforcement, and military fields that can be accessed to provide valuable feedback. This allows the company to receive input on what is working, but more importantly, what still needs to be worked on to make a better end product.

If the TAB Gear product you are looking for is not on our site, please call the shop, or send us an email. It may be in our next order!



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