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Huntsman Firearms is an Australian Agent for Mission Critical Designs.

Mission Critical Designs is defined by its name!  The Norwegian company designs and develops equipment and systems to support or enhance an individuals ability to acheive mission success for his/her organisation, therefore Mission Critical. 

Born in Norway under Artic conditions!

The arctic climate is harsh and demanding. All MDC equipment is made with this unforgiving climate in mind. All the way from the idea, through testing and trialing until we know it will not only make you survive, but make you excel in these conditions. If it doesn’t survive the cut, we will not present it to you.

Mission Critical Designs prides itself on their ability to think outside the box, pushing conceptual boundries in order to fulfill the clients needs and requirements.  With diverse first hand experience from both a military and civilan background as well as mountain climbing, hunting, fishing in some of the most unhospitable environments in the world, the MDC Team strive to acheive a positive outcome for its clients, and as they say 'Serving other people is simple, it requires no complex plan, but it’s hard. Still, we will serve you'!


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