MagnetoSpeed Riflekühl
MagnetoSpeed Riflekühl


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A barrel cooler unlike all the others, the new MagnetoSpeed Riflekühl, is designed to get barrel temperatures down to intended operating levels quickly and efficently! 

The MagnetoSpeed Riflekühl includes a number of innovative features, such as the turbocharger inspired impeller, engineered to produce great air flow in a small package.  Clean dust free ambient air is forced through the spring loaded extendable nozzle, designed to seal the bore and push air flow down the barrel where it’s needed to efficiently cool, typically in under 7 minutes.

That above mentioned clean dust free air comes from an exclusive, built-in 50 Micron air filter,  preventing dust and dirt from being blown through and fouling your bore.  

The distinctive bright red body also allows the MagnetoSpeed Riflekühl to double as an empty chamber flag, while a neodymium magnet secures the Riflekühl to your chamber preventing it from dislodging or being knocked out when moving from the line or between stages!

 The MagnetoSpeed Riflekühl  key features are:

  • Powered by a single CR123A Lithium battery (included),
  • Replaceable dust filter (50 Microns)
  • Strong neodymium magnet secures device to chamber
  • Included CR123 lithium battery lasts for dozens of range sessions
  • Spring loaded retractable nozzle designed for compact and durable storage
  • Belt/Pocket clip included for easy carry
  • Chamber seal for increased cooling efficiency 
  • Red body serves as an empty chamber flag




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