MagnetoSpeed V3 Hard Case Ballistic Chronograph Kit
MagnetoSpeed V3 Hard Case Ballistic Chronograph Kit


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The MagnetoSpeed V3 ballistic chronograph kit in hard case is an innovative barrel-mounted, ballistic chronograph which delivers convenience, and precision measurement of projectile velocities.

The MagnetoSpeed chronographs use ground breaking electromagnetic sensors, instead of problematic optical sensors, to eliminate common chronograph problems. MagnetoSpeed chronographs are swift to set up, accurate, impervious to light conditions, do not blow over in high winds and easily fit in a range bag.

The included display unit stores up to 99 shots per string, calculates useful velocity statistics and saves the data in a spreadsheet format to a micro SD card. 

For additional information read the MagnetoSpeed V3 Instructions.

MagnetoSpeed V3 features an improved designed with the following features:

- Improved Display

- Three-button menu system

- Battery options are; (1) 9-Volt or (2) CR123s

- Easy access battery compartment, no need for screwdriver to swap batteries

- Improved shooting modes, with the ability to now operate with air guns

- Downloadable firmware updates

- Advanced data logging and troubleshooting capabilities

- More compact and rugged display housing

- Rapid mode with rate-of-fire

- Redesigned Bayonet

- Rugged strapping system; with metal buckle and triad thumb nut

- Proven technology with updated sensor design

- New profile and color scheme

- New bracket to allow for future alternative attachment options 

- Dual data connection points


Kit includes:

- Display Unit

- Retractable  connection cable

- Standard 6ft connection cable

- Stainless steel blast shield

- Thick and thin rubber V-block spacers

- microSD card with adapter

- Bayonet sensor

- Polymer spacer kit with screw hardware and allen wrench

- Heavy duty strap with thumb nut tightener

- Hard case with custom cut foam 

- Alignment rod

- Instructions


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30-day money back guarantee: If you do not like the device or it will not suit your intentions just ship it back to us undamaged within 30 days from purchase date and we will refund the device cost to you once inspected for damage and cleared. Shipping costs will not be refunded.


2-year manufacturer warranty: If the device arrives damaged or becomes inoperable within a 2 year time period due to a manufactures defect, just ship the unit back to us and we will fix the issue or replace the unit at no cost. The buyer will not be charged any additional shipping costs other than that with initial purchase if exchanging/returning a device with manufacturer defects within 2 years of purchase date. If returned device is damaged due to user error, no refund or additional shipping costs will be covered. 


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