Huntsman Stubby Cooler

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Huntsman Stubby Cooler


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What’s the perfect way to unwind after a hot extract? A cold beer. What’s the best way to keep that cheeky frothy cold?  Why the Huntsman Stubby cooler of course. 

Quite simply, a stubby cooler is a sleeve designed to insulate a beverage, in its vessel, from external sources of heat. Just like the Rifles Only H.A.D. suppressor cover reduces heat shimmer from your can while you canoe the heads of evil men (or women! We’re all about equality here, it is 2019!), these bad boys reduce the icy cold goodness of a freshly cracked coldie from escaping into the palm of your calloused, manly, vice like hands. 

Grab yourself one today and be the envy of all your gun loving, beer guzzling hombres

Disclaimer, Huntsman Aus does not condone drinking whilst utilising firearms. State laws differ, but it is generally an offence to handle, use or carry a firearm while under the influence of alcohol. Don’t be “that guy” that ruins the fun for everyone else. Remember, if you’re having a beer, make sure the chambers clear!

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