Shadow Tech MOD7 HOG Saddle

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Shadow Tech MOD7 HOG Saddle
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A shot is rarely taken from the prone. Get yourself out of the prone, get on your feet and start training like you fight.
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The ShadowTech MOD 7 HOG Saddle is an improved version of the original HOG saddle. The saddle opens from 3.95cm to 7cm (1.55” - 2.57”) wide, which can accommodate most rifle stock and chassis designs.

Built to military specifications, the saddle is CNC machined from a solid block of aluminium, and hard anodised finished. A CNC machined torque knob assembly adjusts tension on the rifle with a retention button screw preventing accidental disassembly in the field. 1/4 inch urethane pads are employed to absorb rifle recoil, and assist to reduce muzzle jump.

The ShadowTech Mod 7 HOG Saddle works with most tripods using the standard 1/4-20 thread. An alternate 3/8-16 thread exists which allows the saddle to be fitted directly to common tripods without using a tripod head, a feature which provides redundancy should the head fail while in the field. The bottom of the HOG Saddle has anti rotation slots to accept tripod QD plates which have video pins, eliminating any twisting of the saddle on the QD plate.

The ShadowTech MOD 7 HOG Saddle is in service item with the United States Marine Corps Scout Snipers, some US Special Forces units, and a growing number of Australian sniper units.

The current HOG Saddle is produced in OD Green with Patriot Brown pads.

To compare the features of the HOG and PIG Saddle to decide which best suits your needs, have a read of our Comparison Article

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