Bartlein 6.5mm HP #12 7.5T 26"

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Bartlein 6.5mm HP #12 7.5T 26"


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Bartlein Barrel 6.5mm .256x.264, Stainless Steel, 5R Rifling, 1:7.5" Twist, #12 Heavy Palma, 26" Finished Length.

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Bartlein Cut-Rifled Barrels are known for exceptional uniformity and finish of the bore. The Bartlein rifling machines are so accurate, the company caan carry the twist rate to the 4th decimal point (example: 11.3642). The process of Single Point Cut Rifling is the most stress free way to rifle a barrel. The twist is exact, where as other forms of rifling can have variances due to the process they use. In addition the bore and groove dimensions are more uniform.


Bartlein Barrels are pre-lapped before rifling and finish lapped the barrel after rifling. There is no need or under any circumstances, should you fire lap or do any other sort of bore polishing to the barrel. A lapped barrel will not wear out earlier vs. an unlapped one. Bartlein barrels will typically last longer than a button barrel, or similar.


Barrel Specs:

- .256x.264 Bore Diameter
- 1:7.5" Twist Rate
- Heavy Palma #12 Contour
- 27" Blank / 26" Finished
- Stainless Steel
- 5R Rifling


Heavy Palma Contour Dimensions:

A = 1.250"    B = 3.0"    C = 5.5"    D = 1.00"    E = 28"    F = .900"


All Bartlein Barrels arrive with 1" extra overall length to allow for cutting and crowning.

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