Badger Ordnance Dead Level Reticle Leveling Device

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Badger Ordnance Dead Level Reticle Leveling Device


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The Badger Ordnance Dead Level Reticle Levelling Device is the most simple and accurate way to level your reticle for maximum performance at extended ranges.

Simply attach your scope and rings finger tight to the picatinny scope base on your rifle and adjust your scope in the rings for correct eye relief. Once correct eye relief has been obtained the ring caps are tightened snugly and the scope removed from the rifle and installed onto the Dead Level, level the device with the precision thumbscrews to center up the bulls-eye level on the rear of the Dead Level. The cross hair is then adjusted via the method of your choice, such as using a Wheeler Level-level-level, or a levelled plumb line. Once the crosshair is aligned, the ring caps are tightened and checked again. After the crosshair is checked for level, the scope angle indicator can be fit while the scope remains on the Dead Level tool. On completion of the set up of your scope angle indicator the scope can be removed and fit back onto the rifle.

Huntsman Firearms recommend the use of an Accuracy 1st Scope Angle Inidicator for maxmimum precision, ruggedness and an ability to be used with NFE for the Military or LE shooter.

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Construction: Black Hardcoat Anodized Aluminum