APA GEN 3 Little Bastard, .223 Cal

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APA GEN 3 Little Bastard, .223 Cal


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The American Precision Arms Gen 3 Little Bastard Brake is the result of APA's constant pursuit of breaking the mold and a desire to meet the demands of the long-range and hunting precision rifle enthusiasts. Leveraging from the success of the Little Bastard Gen II and The Answer muzzle brakes, the APA Gen 3 Little Bastard Brake is set to be the new standard in hunting and competition brakes.

Over the last 11 years the APA Gen 2 Little Bastard Muzzle Brake has been the go to muzzle brake for competitive shooters and hunters. The Gen 2 Little Bastard is still the most utilized muzzle brake in long-range competition and has graced more podiums then any other recoil compensator to date.  APA's goal was to meet the needs of those shooters while also maintaining their standards of the pristine manufacturing.  Thus the GEN3 Little Bastard came to fruition.

The APA Gen 3 Little Bastard Brake has three new key features.

  • The Unique Recoil Profile (U.R.P.) Adjustable Gas System that was first introduced on the Answer muzzle brake. The U.R.P. System allows for 256 porting configurations, providing the shooter with a truly personalized shooting experience that helps eliminate lateral movement and muzzle rise.
  • The addition of a fourth "Bastard" port to further dampen recoil.
  • A new design self timing lock nut that allows for perfect muzzle place without the risk of over-rotation. 

The specs for this APA Gen 3 Little Bastard are: 

- 1/2x28 TPI

- 6.4cm long

- 122g

- Stainless Steel

- Accommodates muzzle diameters from .8" - 1.0"

- Bore Diameter: .275"

Includes Set Screws, Allen Wrench, and ThreadTite

 These brakes need to be ordered caliber specific as the bore is .032" over bullet diameter for clearance while maximising performance.


**See below for details on how the URP (Unique Recoil Profile) Top Ports work and the process to tune them!**

URP (Unique Recoil Profile) Top Ports allow the shooter to not only combat direct recoil but muzzle rise and lateral movement based on the characteristics of their rifle, personal grip, stance and the position they are shooting from.

We developed the U.R.P. Adjustable Gas System. These aren't just randomly placed top ports. Every port is placed adjacent to the internal Bastard tooth where there is maximum pressure build-up. This makes the adjustable ports directionally effective. 

The unique tunable gas system combined with the trademark APA ports work together to achieve a sight picture that moves less than ever before. There are 8 directional gas ports that can be tuned to counteract you’re U.R.P. (unique recoil profile).

There are 256 combinations to keep your sights on target. To calibrate the brake to your U.R.P., start testing with all the gas screws installed. Pay attention to the movement of your reticle, and begin removing the gas screws as the recoil requires.

When the gas screws are removed on the right side, the rifle will be shifted left. For the opposite effect simply remove the screws on the left. The gas holes closer to the nut have a more dramatic effect and the ports closer to the brake crown have a lesser effect. 

When you find your U.R.P. combination, Threadtite your screws into place.

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Thread: 1/2x28

Length: 6.4cm

Weight: 122g

Finish: Stainless

Fits Muzzle Diameters: from .8" - 1.0"

Bore Diameter: .223"