Accuracy 1st Whiz Wheel Ballistic Solver & Custom Wheel

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Accuracy 1st Whiz Wheel Ballistic Solver & Custom Wheel


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The Accuracy 1st Whiz Wheel Ballistic Solver sleeve includes one custom made solver disc (1 rifle/load combination).

The Accuracy 1st Whiz Wheel is a ballistics solver precision printed onto a disc for field use. The custom wheel will allow you to take your zeroed gun and tested load, to any location in the world and put your first round where it needs to be, without having to re-zero due to Density Altitude shift. Your ability to make that important first shot is made even more convenient by not having to rely on batteries, computers, internet coverage or favourable weather.

The Whiz Wheel Solver was originally designed for snipers who at times need a fast shooting solution, and in environments where PDAs, or phones aren't as easily accessible, or appropriate.

Purchasing this product requires you to submit personal rifle and load data for the creation of the custom disc. It is important that chronographed muzzle velocities are taken with a high quality chronograph, and measurements are checked for accuracy prior to sending them to us. On completion of the purchase, the Whiz Wheel Solver sleeve, including one generic .308 175 SMK disc, will be posted from Huntsman Firearms to your address.

After payment, you will receive an email confirmation. Please reply to the email with the following information:

  • Projectile Manufacturer/type or model,
  • Range Units (m/yds),
  • Optics Units (Mil/MOA),
  • Caliber, Projectile Weight (Grains),
  • Muzzle Velocity,
  • Barrel Twist Rate,
  • Scope Height (above bore).

If you require any assistance with obtaining the data, feel free to give us a call and we'll do our best to assist.

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