Accu-Shot BT01-QK Stud Mount Monopod Standard Height w/ Quick Knob

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Accu-Shot BT01-QK Stud Mount Monopod Standard Height w/ Quick Knob


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The Accu-Shot Standard Height BT01-QK is a sling stud mounted precision monpod fitted with the QK01 Quick Knob. The monpod includes our push button deployment and retraction feature. All accu-shot monopods come with a thumbnut which allows the operator to "lock" the knob creating an extremely solid shooting platform. The leg folds up and retracts out of the way when not in use. The monpod has an elevation range of 3.50 – 4.65” and does not require the modification of the stock to fit.

The BT01-QK ships standard with a plastic cap at the base of the monopod. If the monopod will see hard use, such as LE/Military or shooting off concrete, it is advised to replace the standard plastic cap with the optional steel Tac-Cap (Part # BT07). It is possible to order the BT07 Tac-Cap fitted by B&T prior to shipping.

For AR style rifle stocks, part number BT03 is required to fit the BT01-QK.
Every model is constructed of the finest materials, and built to the highest standards in the USA.

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Weight: approximately 185 grams (6.5 ounces).


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