Hawkeye 17" Adjustable Focus Box Bore Scope

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Hawkeye 17" Adjustable Focus Box Bore Scope


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The AFB (Adjustable Focus Box) version of the Shooting Edition Hawkeye contains an adjustable focus Hawkeye Borescope with enhanced optics, a mirror tube for inspecting: chambers, leades, lands and grooves, gas ports, and crowns, a cleaning kit, and a light source in a box with die-cut foam and a laminated box top.


If you are a target shooter, benchrest shooter, varmint hunter, rifle collector, gunsmith, firearms manufacturer, forensic scientist or hunter you will find the Hawkeye borescope a valuable tool for leaning about the care, cleaning and quality of your rifle barrels. A high quality, well maintained rifle barrel leads to tighter groupings on the target. Inspect the lands and grooves in firearm barrels to find erosion, fouling and tool-marks that effect accuracy.


Barrels are not the end of the uses of a borescope. The Hawkeye borescope can also be used to examine the interior of loading dies, cartridge cases, and lug recesses. Places that you cannot normally look into are readily accessible with a Hawkeye.


For an excellent demonstration of the Hawkeye Bore Scope in use, watch the video within the video tab on this page.


Not for Medical Use on Humans

Hawkeye® Borescopes are not approved for medical use on humans. They are precision industrial instruments, suitable for most veterinary applications.


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Gradient Lens Corporation warrants that all Hawkeye® borescopes and accessories manufactured by Gradient Lens Corporation will be free of defects in materials and workmanship for one year from the date of first retail purchase.


Follow the link to view the entire Hawkeye Borescope Warranty in PDF format.